Commercial Snow Plowing in Connecticut

By the end of December, Connecticut residents typically see about 10 inches of snowfall. With winter rapidly approaching it’s time to consider snow removal plans for both home and businesses. Commercial snow plowing in Connecticut is essential to provide safe walkways and parking lots for valued customers as well as reduce the development of pavement cracks and potholes.

snow plowing ctConnecticut Snowfall Trends

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reports that on average, the Northwest Hills see about 50-inches of snowfall annually, while the coastal areas of the state receive between 30 and 35-inches. Average monthly snowfalls for Connecticut winters vary. Typical snowfall amounts per month are:

  • November: 2 inches
  • December: 10.4 inches
  • January: 12.3 inches
  • February: 11.3 inches
  • March: 9.3 inches

Snow can and does fall in this area during April. In 1996, Connecticut had its snowiest winter with a cumulative total of 115.2 inches, with the last snowfall of that snowy winter arriving on April 10.

commercial snow plowingSnowfall and Ice Removal

Winter can be a brutal season — intense wind speeds (wind speeds are higher in winter than in summer), bone-chilling temperatures and precipitation that includes both snow and ice. It is simply not an option to allow snow and/or ice to accumulate on walks, driveways and parking lots. A Connecticut commercial property owner must remove snow and ice as well as apply sand/salt after a storm in a timely manner, according to state law. In addition, all property owners must reasonably maintain their property’s public area, which in the winter means removal of snow and ice.

Beyond the dangers of a customer or visitor slipping on a slippery walk or a cars skidding in a snow-packed lot, snow and ice accumulations plus their freeze/thaw cycle can damage pavement leading to costly repairs in the spring.

Benefits of Commercial Snow Plowing in CT

Snow removal can be a hassle for both small and large business owners. It’s difficult to constantly monitor weather reports and coordinate a specific plan to keep your property safe and accessible to visitors at all times during the winter season.

Choosing a commercial snow plowing eliminates an array of worries and physically exhausting chores. Professional snow and ice management means timely removal by a fully insured company that monitors weather conditions 24/7 so you don’t have to. Our company not only has 15 years of snow plowing and removal experience but we are SIMA (Snow & Ice Management) members and have the knowledge, equipment and trained staff to handle any weather event.

As professional snow and ice management specialists, we remain in constant contact with state meteorologists prior to a weather event, during and after. We can focus on the storm’s timing including how long it may last and what type and amount of accumulation may occur. It’s this knowledge that allows a professional snow plowing service to confidently prepare a customized removal plan for each property to insure it stays safe and accessible regardless of a storm’s intensity. Contact Clean Cut Landscaping for your commercial snow removal needs.

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