Fall Clean Up & Leaf Removal Services

The fall months may be beautiful, but we want to make sure your lawn continues to be healthy through the impending leaf cover and changing of temperatures. Look no further than the Connecticut fall clean up and leaf removal experts at Clean Cut Landscaping.

Benefits of CT Leaf Removal

Cleaning up your yard and raking leaves in the autumn can be an extremely time-consuming and laborious task. It’s important to do so, however, not only for keeping your yard looking nice, but to make sure it remains in good health before the winter months arrive. Counting on us will allow you to enjoy the cool fall weather as we can efficiently remove any leaves, sticks, and all other debris from your property including lawn, garden, and mulch beds.

It’s important to continue to care for your lawn in the fall months as you do not want leaves or debris staying on your grass for too long. Excess leaves on top of your lawn can certainly cause decreased sunlight, water, and nutrients from reaching your grass. Unwanted leaf cover can also lead to mold as well as disease if not taken care of properly.


Starting at just $49!!!

Fall 2019 – 7 day service!
Servicing New Haven and Middlesex counties
Same or next day pick up!

  • For the first 10 minutes, after that the rate billed is $5 per minute.
  • Acceptable items in removal pile include leaves, acorns, pine needles, trimmed perennials, grass clippings, small sticks, twigs and pine cones.
  • Please do not put any trash, rocks, branches or other items not listed above in the pile as it may damage the leaf loader.
  • Extra charges may be applied for piles that contain the above items or any other unsafe item.

Connecticut Fall Clean Up Services by Clean Cut Landscaping

Our fall clean up services will keep the health and appearance of your yard in top tier shape. At Clean Cut Landscaping, we have been taking care of lawns in the autumn months for over two decades. To learn more about our fall clean up and leaf removal services, contact us now.