Fix Yellow Spots on Lawn Caused by Urine

Nothing is more beautiful than a lush, green lawn unspoiled by weeds, bare patches, or the telltale signs of dog spotting—those yellowish-brown areas where dogs return over and over again to relieve themselves. Dog urine contains rich amounts of nitrogen compounds and salts that, when concentrated in a small area, result in turf discoloration and death. Although grass does require some nitrogen to thrive, it cannot cope with the excessive nitrogen found in puddles of dog urine soaking into the same spot of lawn repeatedly and “burning” grass.

Fences Don’t Work

Some people consider protecting their lawns from roaming dogs by erecting a fence around their lawns. Unfortunately, you would have to establish a very tall, deeply embedded fence to completely prevent dogs from urinating on your lawn. Not only are dogs great jumpers but they are also efficient diggers. If a dog wants to mark his territory by urinating on your lawn, he or she is going to find a way to do it, regardless of a little obstacle like a fence!

Changing a Dog’s Diet?

How to Fix Urine Spots in Grass

Giving your dog food that advertises reduction of alkaline levels in the urine won’t prevent your lawn from suffering “urine blight.” Remember, it’s not the acidity of canine urine but the high concentration of nitrogen that kills grass. In fact, feeding your dog this kind of food may cause kidney and bone problems because it interferes with amino acid production.

“Curing” Dog Spots with Cleaning Products

Sprinkling yellow spots with gypsum or baking soda or dousing them with dishwashing liquid to “neutralize” dog urine are ineffective myths that continue to be perpetuated by desperate lawn owners.

Only one “product” will actually neutralize the negative effects of dog urine on grass and prevent ugly patches of dead grass from disrupting the beautiful, green expanse of your lawn.


Advantages of Irrigation Systems

Clean Cut Landscaping has been providing expert lawn care in Branford for nearly 15 years and frequently gets calls from frantic homeowners and business about unsightly yellow or brown spots spoiling their lawns.

Clean Cut Landscaping strongly urges installing an irrigation system because water is the only “product” that will dissipate and neutralize the heavy amounts of nitrogen in dog urine that are responsible for killing grass.

Automatic irrigation systems are low maintenance and completely effective at keeping your dog’s (or any other dog’s) favorite lawn potty area thoroughly diluted and free of grass-killing nitrogen. In addition, lawn irrigation systems also:

  • Eliminate the need to drag a heavy hose around your yard,
  • Save a lot of time and effort in keeping your lawn looking “showplace” green,
  • Add value to your home or business (irrigation systems are considered “upgrades” to a property),
  • Conserve water (and help reduce water bills) because Clean Cut Landscaping uses water-saving spray heads, sprinklers, and controllers that turn the irrigation system on and off according to a pre-determined schedule.

Stop the slow death your lawn is experiencing due to dog urine by installing an irrigation system today, and enjoy watching the transformation of your lawn from brown, dry, and drab to green, lush, and spectacular.

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