For the Best Lawn on the Block: Start with Expert Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding are essential to maintain a lush, healthy lawn and can produce quick growth results where grass is sparse. Fall is an ideal time for Branford homeowners and East Haven businesses to schedule lawn aerating, to shore up your lawn for the coming CT winter. (The timing of aeration and overseeding also depends upon grass type.) Lawn aerating and overseeding processes work together to make your landscaping the envy of the neighbors or attract customers to your business. If your golf green is looking brown these days or your front yard has bare spots, some urgent “resuscitation” may be needed. Aerating and overseeding is just the thing to help restore your lawn’s health and beauty.

How Core Aeration Works

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Nothing stifles grass growth like hard-packed soil, which can come about due to weather variations, lack of maintenance or just the makeup of the soil. To combat this problem, experienced, professional landscapers use specialized tools and equipment to aerate the soil under your lawn, removing small cores of dirt. As lawn aeration loosens densely packed soil, it allows your grass to easily absorb needed nutrients and grow even deeper roots.

The soil perforations literally help grass roots to breathe, allowing better oxygen and moisture absorption for continued lawn growth. The extracted cores are tossed onto the lawn surface to be broken down (by rain or lawn-mowing), acting like mulch, providing additional nutrients for the continued growth cycle of your lawn. In short, core aeration creates ideal conditions for new lawn growth– which is where overseeding comes in.

How Overseeding Works

The overseeding process spreads new grass seed over existing turf. Overseeding after lawn aeration can also introduce new types of grass to the lawn. The new seed rejuvenates your existing lawn, literally keeping the lawn young, so that it grows thicker and faster. The new grass takes root easily and grows quickly in aerated soil. For an even, healthy lawn, seeds must be spread evenly, in a straight line and specific pattern, to properly cover the area and wind disruption must be avoided.

Get Expert Lawn Aeration and Overseeding in CT

Aerating and overseeding is typically not a DIY process. It can be very heavy work for a homeowner and must be done carefully to avoid damaging the lawn. Professional aeration turns soil over efficiently and evenly without removing too much or too little. Expert overseeding creates just the right mix of grasses to meet your lawn’s needs and produce healthy, steady grass growth. Professional landscapers ensure an even spread of grass seed and select the proper variety of seed.

Overseeding and aeration work together to keep your home’s landscaping healthy despite challenges like bad weather and heavy foot traffic. (Aeration and overseeding are key strategies for golf courses–it’s how they can maintain quality turf.) For best results, have your lawn aerated once or twice per year and watch it thrive!

For professional aeration and overseeding, count on Clean Cut Landscaping. We’ve kept lawns green in East Haven, Branford, N. Branford Guilford, Madison and Clinton for more than 15 years. Contact us today.

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