Professional Lawn Renovation in Connecticut

Over time, every lawn in Connecticut will require some type of lawn renovation. Whether the damage can be attributed to unhealthy soil, an insect infestation, adverse weather conditions, or simply time, when your lawn needs a reboot, you can depend on the professionals at Clean Cut Landscaping.

CT Lawn Renovation Services

If your yard needs a dramatic makeover, we offer several different types of Connecticut lawn renovation:

  • Aerating – By punching strategically placed holes into your grass, we allow oxygen, moisture, and the applied nutrients to get deep within the soil and bring it back to a healthy state. We recommend aeration at least once per year in Connecticut, but more often under extreme circumstances.
  • Dethatching – If you have thatch on your yard, then it is impossible for the grass to grow properly. Our dethatching services remove the layer of debris, roots, and dead grass that has accumulated on top of your soil. When left alone, the thatch acts like a mat, preventing air and water from reaching the soil. In CT, we recommend dethatching once or twice per year—ideally in early spring and late fall—or anytime the buildup reaches 1/2-inch in thickness.
  • Drill Seeding – Also called slice seeding or slit seeding, this method of applying grass seed is one of the most effective there is. By slicing through the sod to plant new grass seeds directly into the soil, you can save time and get a much better result.

Complete Lawn Renovation in Connecticut

Sometimes, a yard is extremely damaged, and the only course of action that can fix it is a complete CT lawn renovation. This means that all of the existing turf must be killed off and removed, and then new sod must be installed. A lawn renovation may seem simple enough, but if it is not completed with precision and expertise, your yard will quickly return to its damaged state. At Clean Cut Landscaping, we use a multi-step process to make sure that your new yard will remain looking that way for a long time (as long as you take care of it properly, of course).

Why Clean Cut Landscaping for Your CT Lawn Renovation

At Clean Cut Landscaping, we are the Connecticut lawn care experts. For almost 20 years we have been bringing yards across the state back to life. When we arrive at your home for a free estimate, we will evaluate your lawn and make our professional recommendation. If a complete CT lawn renovation is necessary, we will let you know—but we will always aim for targeted treatments first if we believe they will solve the problem. To learn more about any of our lawn renovation services, contact us today.