magic salt snow removal in connecticut

While the snow can provide a beautiful backdrop, it can also lead to very dangerous driving and walking conditions. When it snows—or rains and freezes—you want your walkways, driveways, and parking lots to be cleared as quickly as possible. At Clean Cut Landscaping, we rely on the effectiveness of Magic Salt to keep the hard surfaces of your property free from snow and ice, ensuring the safety of your employees and patrons.

What Is Magic Salt?

Magic Salt, also known as Ice B’Gone, is relatively new on the commercial snow and ice removal scene; however, it continues to grow in popularity because it is far superior to any other deicing product on the market. Magic Salt may start out as ordinary rock salt, but after it is treated with a unique blend of magnesium chloride and agricultural enhancers, it becomes a ‘magical’ concoction that literally melts snow and ice away. Not only is it extremely effective, Magic Salt is also non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable, making it an easy choice for deicing your Connecticut property.

Why Magic Salt is the Superior Deicing Agent

Most commercial snow and ice management companies in Connecticut use traditional rock salt or a sand/rock salt mix to make the pavement surrounding your property less slippery. But these methods have some adverse effects, and they can take time to work. On the contrary, Magic Salt is not only quicker and more efficient, but it has essentially no negative side effects to worry about. Here’s a brief rundown of why we only use Magic Salt for our Connecticut snow and ice removal services:

  • Since Magic Salt is more efficient, we don’t have to use as much of it to eliminate the snow and ice on your property.
  • Magic Salt is not just an instant fix. It actually has long-lasting effects, making it serve as a barrier against future storms once it is applied. This results in substantially less applications throughout the season when compared to regular rock salt.
  • These residual effects also help eliminate the formation of black ice.
  • When used before a storm, the Magic Salt will instantly melt the first inch or two of snow upon contact, so the surface will be primed and ready for us to get to work.
  • There is no need to mix Magic Salt with sand.
  • Magic Salt is extremely safe for your concrete and pavers. It will not cause the surfaces to split or corrode in any way.
  • Magic Salt is also very safe for any grass, plants, or shrubs that surround your paved surfaces. Traditional rock salt, on the other hand, can cause the grass and plants to die after repeat applications.
  • There is no visible residue with Magic Salt, so your entryway and parking lots will simply look cleared and clean—not like they are covered with salt or sand.
  • Magic Salt is also safe for pets, and it won’t burn their paws like rock salt does.
  • Magic Salt is much better for the environment than rock salt because it releases far less chlorides into the air.

How We Use Magic Salt for Commercial Snow and Ice Removal in Connecticut

In Connecticut, snow is inevitable, and while we can’t control the amount of precipitation, we can control how badly it impacts your property. To help you get through any size storm with ease, we put Magic Salt to work before, during, and after it hits:

  • Before the Storm – As soon as there is the potential for a storm, we will treat your property with Magic Salt. Once it is applied, it serves as a barrier against snow and ice—kind of like the wax on your car or the polish on your furniture. So when it does snow, the first two inches should melt on contact. Even when your property gets more than two inches, the Magic Salt will keep it from sticking so we can easily plow it away.
  • During the Storm – When the snowfall arrives, we will promptly arrive at your property to plow and shovel. Once the snow is removed, we will apply Magic Salt to make sure that the surfaces around your property have ample traction to keep vehicles and pedestrians safe. This treatment will also provide a fresh barrier for new snow.
  • After the Storm – Once the storm has passed, we will pay you another visit to complete a final plowing and shoveling. Afterwards, we will use Magic Salt to help the surfaces dry up and to prevent them from turning into black ice.

At Clean Cut Landscaping, we know that your safety—and the safety of your employees and customers—is dependent on swift and effective snow and ice removal. That’s why we don’t mess around with potentially harmful, ineffective deicers that require way more applications and leave your property looking less than desirable.

With over 15 years of commercial snow and ice management, around-the-clock service, heavy-duty snow removal equipment, and state-of-the-art weather tracking, you can trust your business with Clean Cut Landscaping. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial snow and ice management in Connecticut.

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