snow plowing ctSnow and Ice Management in Connecticut

While the odds of a damaging Connecticut earthquake are 1-in-20, the likelihood of snow and ice accumulation during the winter months are almost a given. Snowfall amounts vary throughout the state, but most areas can expect to see several inches of snow annually plus the development of ice on various surfaces. Snow and ice management in Connecticut often requires contracting professionals with the training and capability to assess a weather event and then to execute a removal plan.

Ice Management: Liability and Risks

According to Connecticut law, property owners must in a timely manner, remove both snow and ice from their property as well as apply an anti-slip agent such as salt or sand. Property owners are required by law to reasonably maintain their public areas, including driveways, parking lots and pedestrian walks. A professional snow plowing and ice removal company, one who understands the risks associated with ice, can help reduce the potential for slips-and-falls as well as vehicular accidents while on the property.

Snow and Ice Management in Connecticut: Benefits

Benefits of hiring specialists in snow and ice management are numerable. Clean Cut Landscaping monitors the weather conditions 24/7, maintains contact with state meteorologists before as well as during a weather event and has full insurance coverage at all times. By focusing on the timing of a storm as well as the type and amount of accumulation, we can provide a comprehensive snow and ice removal plan specific to each property.

As a member of SIMA (Snow & Ice Management), we keep up-to-date on safe industry practices and stay connected with the most current and innovative techniques for snow and ice removal, including the use of Magic SaltĀ®.

magic salt connecticutMagic Salt

Environmentally friendly, Magic Salt is an ice melt designed to effectively and safely speed up the process of snow and ice removal. It’s created by treating ordinary rock salt with an eco-friendly, agricultural-based enhancer that has been blended with magnesium chloride. This powerful new ice melt works better at colder temperatures (as low as -35 degrees Fahrenheit) than regular rock salt and is safer for people, pets, plants, pavement and machinery.

Magic Salt is less corrosive, helping to reduce seasonal salt damage often suffered by sidewalks, driveways and parking areas. It also doesn’t leave behind any unsightly white residue that has to be removed later. By using Magic Salt versus traditional rock salt or sand, there is less mess to clean up after the weather warms and no mess tracked indoors at any time.

We only use Magic Salt. By pre-treating surfaces with Magic Salt, it melts the first two-inches of snow on contact, which allows for an easier, more thorough snow/ice removal. This allows us to get clear down to the pavement with plow and shovel. In addition, surfaces that have a base of Magic Salt before a weather event will be less slippery during and after the storm.

Snow and ice management in Connecticut can be hassle-free. Contacting Clean Cut Landscaping, a professional snow removal company, eliminates worries and ensures your business stays safe and accessible even during the worst of winter’s weather.


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