Winter in Connecticut never seems to end. But, you can indulge in daydreams of spring by getting a jump on planning your spring landscaping. A few ideas to get you started with thick green grass and lush plant life:

spring landscaping in connecticutWhen to Plant Grass Seeds

If you didn’t get grass seeds planted in the fall, it’s not too late. You can plant grass seeds early in the spring. Cold weather varieties like Kentucky bluegrass, fescue and rye can be sown as soon as the soil is warm enough to work. If you want to use a warm weather variety like Bermuda or St. Augustine, wait until soil temperatures reach 65 degrees.

After planting, make sure that you keep the ground moist until your grass is growing well. Light and frequent waterings are best to keep the grass seeds moist without risk of over-watering. It will take about three weeks for grass seedlings to get established.

When to Buy Your Landscaping Plants

Adding new trees and shrubs to your landscaping is a satisfying endeavor. The best time to add deciduous trees and shrubs or broadleaf evergreens is in the early spring. The less time a plant spends out of the ground, the better. So, try to buy your landscaping plants as close as possible to the time that you will be planting.

If you want to add pines or other conifers to your landscape, it is better to wait for fall. Mark the area where you wish to add the new plant and use annual plants to fill the spot while you wait for the right time of year to add your shrubs or trees.

The Best Time for Vegetables and Flowers

A mix of perennials like your shrubs and trees and showy annuals makes a pleasing outdoor area. Seeds for early vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and eggplant can be sewn as early as February or March. Warmer weather vegetables like tomatoes, corn and beets are best sewn in April or May.

If you have bulbs for tulips or daffodils that you did not plant in the fall, try to add them to your garden as soon as possible after the soil can be worked. These bulbs do not do well when kept out of the soil indefinitely.

While gardening usually requires patience, transplanting flowers allows you to enjoy a bit of instant gratification. Talk to Clean Cut Landscaping about which annual flowers are the best fit for the amount of light and drainage you have. These can usually be added to your garden as soon as the risk of frost is gone.

Looking forward to a greener yard? We offer landscaping services in Clinton, Madison, Branford, N. Branford Guilford, East Haven and the surrounding areas. Call us to talk about the ways we can beautiful the landscaping around your home.

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