It was expressed by the famous architect, Luis Barragan, that architecture, landscape and gardening are one, and cannot be divided. In all great landscape paintings, on all beautiful estates, this holds true. A resplendent landscape never competes with, nor detracts from, the architecture that hosts it. Gardening is an art form. A garden is a three-dimensional canvas of color, mass, shape and form, undergoing metamorphosis with each passing rain shower, season and year.

An expert property maintenance company will be keenly observant of the geometry of architecture on the property. The way the light falls on the land and through the trees, the shadows created by the height of the building’s façade; all these will factor into the final look of the project. Creating the perfect outdoor experience for the visitor or resident is an undertaking wrought with subtleties.

A paved curving walkway can be overly lengthy and ostentatious or it can give the stroller contemplative time to appreciate the manicured lawn or the carefully selected perennials. The pavers can be laid flat in an interesting geometric pattern or they can be crooked and uneven, creating hazards that force the walker to keep their gaze lowered to avoid stumbling. The difference between a landscape that imbues serenity and a haphazard collage of mishmash cuttings is professional property management.

Your commercial or residential property can live up to its potential with the help of a professional landscaping company like Clean Cut Landscaping. We offer our clientele in Branford and Guilford Connecticut much more than just lawn mowing services. Our staff will work with you on landscape design, installation and grounds management. We are experts in stone masonry, and can create natural and cultured stone effects. We design and install retaining walls, rock centerpieces, steps, plant borders, and even irrigation systems. Our green lawn services run the gamut of weekly mowing services all the way to seasonal mulching, spring and fall cleanup, snow plowing and complete lawn installation and upkeep.

Of course, we do all the heavy lifting for you. When you hire Clean Cut Landscaping, we deliver all materials on-site and dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. All you have to do is enjoy the final view.

Have you been thinking of doing all this yourself? Here is what you can expect with ‘do it yourself’ landscaping:

You will have to purchase and store all lawn equipment, such as:

  1. Tractor or Mower
  2. Lopper for large tree branches
  3. Tiller
  4. Edger
  5. Seeder/Fertilizer
  6. Aerator
  7. Snow thrower or plow attachment
  8. Rakes
  9. Garden hoses/sprayers
  10. Weed killer
  11. Fertilizer (multiple bags)
  12. Mulch (multiple bags)

(If you have grubs, ants or other infestations, this would require even more products and treatments. Hopefully, you would be able to identify these problems and act quickly.)

You will need time to do all the work! Every weekend will involve some sort of lawn care.

If you want any kind of shrubbery or flowers, they have unique needs of their own. Get your checkbook out again, because even ubiquitous foliage that you see around town like Hydrangeas and Rhododendrons need special fertilizers and regular trimmings. Not to mention, you will lean to learn how to properly care for these plants.

The point is, you can spend your free time sweating in the back yard of your home or investment property or you can spend it doing the things you enjoy with the people you love most. Let Clean Cut Landscaping do the work for you. Clean Cut Landscaping’s total property management keeps your landscape beautiful.

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