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A water feature, such as a fountain, can be a key component of creative landscape design in Connecticut. Water features provide a fuller experience of the natural world by adding the subtle element of sound to your home’s surroundings. The sights and sound of moving water also bring a peaceful and relaxing mood to your Connecticut yard or garden area. In addition, features like landscaped koi ponds and mini waterfalls add a completely unique ambiance to your home environment, which may include mulched and stone garden areas.

Whether your custom water feature is simple (a birdbath perhaps?) or more elaborate, with a little maintenance, it will provide years of enjoyment for you, your family and guests. Here are some tips to help Connecticut homeowners preserve their water feature and landscaping:

  • Motion sensitive sprinklers: Motion activated sprinklers provide a humane and simple way to keep away unwelcome visitors to your “backyard waterfront” property. Let a splash of water discourage curious herons from feasting on your fish and deter other intruders from invading your water garden. If you also utilize a scarecrow or a fake heron, you can increase the effectiveness of your water-sprinkler deterrent. These will also help keep the dog from using your pond as a drinking fountain as well.
  • Protective netting: Inconspicuous netted material helps keep leaves from clogging up your water feature’s pumping mechanism and maintain your landscaping’s naturally beautiful look throughout autumn here in CT. You’ll want to keep leaves at bay, not only to keep the pond looking nice and to protect the water garden’s underlying equipment, but also to help avoid algae overgrowth caused by dead leaves. If you have fish living in your water feature, keeping out the leaves will help keep them healthy too.
  • Chemical cleaners: Used judiciously, chemical cleaners (such as corrosion inhibitors and mineral scale cleaners) will maintain the equipment that powers your water feature without interfering with the environment in the water itself. If your water feature includes a backyard fish pond, maintaining the ecosystem is crucial, as is controlling algae (by adding beneficial bacteria) and limiting mosquitos. A well-designed water feature minimizes mosquitos by keeping water in motion.

If you’ve been thinking of adding a water garden or water feature to your landscaping, or if you need help with landscape maintenance, call on the pros at Clean Cut Landscaping. We’ve offered landscape design, maintenance and related services throughout Connecticut for over 15 years. Contact us today!

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